Why do I love people from the blockchain and crypto industry? TOP 5 reasons.

Daria Volkova
2 min readNov 19, 2022

I have diverse experience working with both classic businesses and fully digital ones. Still, most of all, in my career, I love people who create and implement blockchain and crypto technologies, building a new Web3 world.

Several features distinguish such people from other excellent specialists. So, I’m sharing my TOP 5 reasons to love people from these industries.

1️⃣ Openness to new things and flexibility of thinking. This is the first and most important thing, and this is something I value in myself and notice in most blockchain/crypto people. And the geniuses who create technologies and blockchain protocols deserve particular respect because their thinking is extraordinary.

2️⃣ Absence of stereotypes and bureaucratic type of thinking. A couple of months ago, I was at the zkSummit event, where cryptographers and developers gathered, who talked and looked very cool. There was absolute freedom of thinking, style, and lifestyle. And a few hours later, I was in the same hotel with representatives of one of the famous consulting companies, and it was as if I had entered another world — a world of the same white shirts, tight ties and polite insincere smiles. This contrast struck me.

3️⃣ A broad outlook and the ability to combine knowledge from various fields to implement a task. Everything is clear here — if you want to create something new, you need to know many things.

4️⃣ Dynamics of life. Only those people who move very quickly, learn new things and apply knowledge in practice can be successful and develop in such technological and highly competitive areas.

5️⃣ Positivity and optimism. I don’t know a person from the crypto and blockchain industry who does not have fire and faith in themself or their project.

People of the blockchain and crypto industry, you are fantastic. It’s always lovely to chat and learn something new.

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