The most interesting Web3 podcasts: technology, startups, and marketing

Daria Volkova
2 min readJan 24, 2023

I prepared a selection of web3 podcasts that are interesting and useful to listen to better understand the industry. Save this article!

🔵 Epicenter Podcast
Epicenter is a podcast series covering cryptocurrencies and blockchain since before it was cool, since 2013. Through interviews with founders and developers, the presenters explore the industry’s technical, economic and social impact.

🟣 Web3 with a16z crypto
This is a show from the a16z crypto fund about how artists, coders, companies and communities have the opportunity not only to consume (as in web1) and create content (as in web2) but also to own the Internet, generating a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship.

🟢 web3academy
They are bringing entrepreneurs, companies and creators together on the Web3 to explore the possibilities of using blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies to create thriving communities and build sustainable business models.

🔴 The Parallax
Source of information about NFT, Web3 and crypto. The Parallax Podcast interviews founders of Web3 projects, artists and collectors. Entrepreneur Patrick Dang hosts this podcast.

🟠 Women Who Web3 by CoinDesk
A podcast dedicated to women creating and investing in web3 projects and helping to bridge the gender gap in technology businesses. Every week, influential women share their experiences launching NFT projects, creating inclusiveness in the digital space, creating thriving web3 companies, and investing in cryptocurrencies.

⚪️ Growing Web3
James Ross’ podcast is about building billion-dollar web3 protocols and communities, marketing web3 projects, and promoting crypto products and DAOs. James Ross is the managing director of Hype agency, which has worked with BNB Chain, Flow, NEAR, Polygon, and others.

I added the links to all podcasts in the comments.
Enjoy listening 🤗

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